Tuesday, December 11, 2012

little answered prayers running around...

Hey Friends!

Well Evie has reached her next milestone... She gets to go to the "playroom" with the other kids at Sunday School and can play in the "big kid side" of the gym child center. She can finally walk fast and steady enough that we feel like she can play safely with bigger kids (:

I am going to go to the Sunday school playroom with her for a while, to make sure she doesn't get trampled. The past two weeks Evie has played with a little girl named Hope. When John and I were first considering adoption/foster parenting Hope's parents came over to tell us about their journey with international adoption. That week they had gotten Hope's picture from the agency. They had finally been matched with their daughter. Unfortunately they waited over a year to bring her home after complications, it was a heart wrenching roller coaster of a waiting game. There were times they didn't know if Hope would ever come home.

Hope has been showered in prayer just as Evie has been the past 3+ years. It was so fun to see these two little girls, with their big sparkley eyes running around at our home church. God conquered mountains with his LOVE, goodness and promises to carry them through. I wish I could see how many prayers God has heard for both of them, and how many lives He has touched watching them grow! It is such a blessing to see Hope's family grow in their love for Jesus and kids all over the world through their adoption process.

This hit me during a week when I was questioning where God will take our fostering process, especially as I fall more in love with the little girl we have in our home. It was encouraging to see Hope and Evie and remember that God has a good plan, he never changes, and he knows what the next year, 5 years, and 50 years hold for us. Whether that means our foster daughter will stay here with us, or if he has other plans for her. He is good. I will think about Hope and Evie running around smiling when I get discouraged (:

I hope you are all having a blessed, God-filled holiday season! I will be back soon with holiday pics (:

Love you all, thanks for checking in on us (: