Thursday, May 30, 2013

Steps, prayer requests, and summer!!

Hey Friends!!

 This post should be full of pictures but our Internet is temporarily down to the computer so I'm blogging from the iPad. My apologies to you picture lovers!

 First things first - I have a newly dear friend Lynsey who is delivering her baby girl Graycen next Tuesday. I grew up at church with her husband Cole and we reconnected recently with news of their daughters diagnosis. They are facing the unknown much like we were. Please pray for peace for Cole and Lynsey, strength and complete healing for Graycen, a safe and easy delivery with a quick recovery for Lynsey so she can join Cole and Graycen at Children's hospital where she will be monitored and evaluated for heart surgery. I remember the weeks before Evies delivery, and feeling like I didn't even know how to pray at that point. So let's join together and surround them in prayer this next week!! God is so good and loves it when we pray. Also, when I was pregnant with Evie, Johns parents threw us a giftcard shower and it was such a financial blessing to us. If you have a giftcard or note of encouragement you would like me to give to Lynsey and Cole, please email me at and I will get it to them!!

 We had a roller coaster of a day over here at the Elsaesser house... Evie saw our orthopedic surgeon this morning who was thrilled with her progress. We are looking into doing a surgery in the fall or winter that would help her right foot turn out more to help her walk. Right now her foot turns completely in when it comes off the ground with each step, then she straightens it out by the time it hits the ground. While we were there I asked if she can take her braces off during the day for a while and walk without them and we got the go ahead. She was so excited to tell her dad tonight that she put on a 30 minute production in her shoes with no braces, dancing, singing at the top of her lungs, playing an imaginary guitar. It was so good for my heart to see her celebrate.

 This afternoon after a trip out to play with my grandparents we pulled into the garage and when I
went to get Evie out of the car she was having a seizure in her carseat. I noticed her eyelids fluttering
first, then her mouth turning blue and by the time I got her out her body was completely stiff. It took me 30+ seconds on the garage floor to get her breathing again. She hasn't had a seizure for 15 months so it was a pretty good shock to my system. We are going to increase her dose of medication and watch her close. After a long nap she was doing much better and had a good, normal evening. I have a pretty bad headache and need a massage (:

 I got an email tonight from a sweet girl named Jenna whose unborn son has just been diagnosed with the same thing Evie was diagnosed with in-utero. I remember how heartbreaking those days were. It's hard for me to even go back and read my blog sometimes but it's so good for me to see how far Eve has come. Wow, I love her so much. It's good to hear of other families giving their little ones a chance at life. Please pray for this family also (:

 School's finally out and summer is in full swing. The girls spent over 5 hours in the pool on
Memorial Day and I am actually glad we have had a few days of rain to recover from the sun!! I
forgot how tired it makes me and how the girls can be outside for several hours without taking a break (: it is so nice to have Lyla home, I really missed her this year while she was in school.

 Thanks for loving us, and always keeping Evie in your prayers. We are truly blessed.
 Love you friends.