Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doc Appointment Update Aug 11, 09

Hi Friends and Fam,

Thanks for your prayers, Evie is still hanging in there. She slept through most of her ultrasound on Tuesday, which was very out of character for her, but made it easy to get some good measurements. She is doing about the same. Her arm, leg, and chest measurements are getting more behind each week. That is obviously disappointing. The doctor reconfirmed to us that with the way her little body is put together it is very rare that she will survive. Her hands were more open, which makes me happy since she hasn't opened them much. I love her sweet face more each time I get to see her!

Prayer requests include:
1. Evie's health and healing. God has led me to so much scripture lately on our heavenly bodies, and I feel like He may be preparing me to give Evie back to Him where she will be healed. I am still going to pray that she will stay with us here, but I know that God's wisdom is far bigger than my own plans, and I absolutely don't want her to suffer.
2. I have been more anxious lately (and honestly sometimes gut wrenchingly sad) as her birth approaches. We have made plans for what is to come, but nothing can prepare my heart to lose her.
3. That God will direct our decision making up to her birth, and take any big decisions out of our hands. and
4. I now have polyhydramnios, a fancy word meaning too much amniotic fluid. I am on the low end of "too much" and hopefully it will stay that way. The only side effect is that I will be more uncomfortable, but I can handle that. The high end of "too much" means we have to consider doing an amnio to remove some of the fluid and my risk of pre-term labor goes up. It would be nice not to have to worry about that! Kirstin has lovingly been calling me the Culligan Lady when I am winded from walking up the stairs (: it's nice to have some humor in my life!

I am making Evie a scrapbook with our ultrasound pictures, maternity pictures, hopefully newborn pictures, and emails. My rough copy of emails and blog messages is over 130 pages long! We feel so blessed to have your support.

Love you,
Lindsey, John, Lyla, and Evie


  1. We are continuing to pray for all four of you. May God continue to show you His love and hold you up!
    Sarah Goldsberry

  2. Lindsey I know so much of what you are going through as I am walking this path just a little ahead of you. I never thought I would make it this far but God is holding me, and I know he will hold and carry you as well. You are in our prayers!!

  3. We are still praying daily for your family! I'm so glad to see that you are following our blog now! I think I may have sent you the link to the OI Parents group before, but just in case I didn't it is listed on my blog in the left column. I really do urge you to join, you can ask anything related to OI and you will have an answer immediately from the group of well experienced parents who have gone through all of this. Many of us were given a death sentence for our children and many have survived! Sonya was thought to have either Campomelic Dysplasia (usually lethal) or type 2 OI while in utero. While she isn't fracture free, she does have a less severe case than what the doctors had thought. She is type 3/4 moderate. Sorry if this is lengthy or if I'm repeating myself. I don't want to give you false hope, but there are many survivors even some type 2's that are living life and loving it! Many hugs and prayers for you!

  4. We are thinking of and praying for your family... God certainly has a plan and He will undoubtedly lead you through, no matter what. Stay strong and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers!!!!

  5. Thank you for keeping us updated. You are truly facing giants right now...but with God all things are possible, whether that be healing, or strength for all of you. Hang in there. I will keep you all in our prayers.

  6. Isn't it amazing that we can know with absolute certainty that God's plan is perfect and that He loves us more than we can possibly fathom?! I also think it's amazing that His grace is sufficient, and that He is able to carry us and minister to us in ways we never would have imagined at the exact moment we need Him! The pain will be great, but His love and faithfulness will be all the greater (to Evie, too). Love you...and always praying.