Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One day at a time (:

Okay all you picture crazy people! I'm finally getting caught up on sleep (well kind of) and getting my priorities straight... like posting pictures of Evie and Lyla for your viewing pleasure (:

We are doing so good. I can't believe we are all home together, and going through the normal newborn routines of getting up in the middle of the night, taking naps, etc. It is such a welcome blessing. Both girls are doing good.

Evie still has a "skeletal dysplasia" but not a life threatening one, Praise God. We are seeing a pediatric orthopedist next Wednesday to take a look at Evie's bones and see what they think. We are hoping they can fix her clubfeet, and have some sort of idea how they think she will grow, and if there is any way we can be helpful in the meantime.

Other than that we are waiting for the geneticist to hear back from the Skeletal Dysplasia Registry about her x-rays, pictures, etc. to see if they have come up with a diagnosis. This is the same group of people who diagnosed her with OI, Type 2 from her ultrasounds. I pray that they can see God's healing hand when they compare ultrasound to x-ray! It makes me excited just to think about it (:

Many people have asked how they can pray, my biggest request is that the doctors can accurately diagnose her, or at least correctly diagnose any problems and if there is anything we can do.

Secondly, prayer that I can take one day at a time, Praise God for her life and all that he's already given us, and not worry about her future.

Okay, here are more pictures from the hospital and a couple from home. Bosley Creative did the hospital ones (why they are so amazing!) and we had newborn pictures done last night, so those should be coming soon!

Love you friends, thanks for praying (:
Lindsey, John, Lyla, AND Evie!

Lyla helping the nurse wash Evie's hair

Evie and mom (:

the fam

Evie Jayne with daddy


  1. It's all so breathtaking Lindsay. To this day I get chill bumps when I think about all that you have been through and through it all you did not waver in your faith. The pictures are beautiful. I love it when Evie puckers her cute little lips. She is so sweet. :]

  2. Lindsay- I heard about Evie on the day she was born through Sherilyn. Praise God for her healing. I am so happy to see the family pictures you have posted. I pray right now for God's healing tough to continue to be over Evie. Katie Horner

  3. I am Catherine Bosley's sister-in-law, Jessica Bosley. Catherine has shared your amazing story with me and praise God for Evie's life and healing. Your story has inspired me and has given me renewed hope that miralces do happen.
    I will continue to pray for her complete diagnosis and continued healing. Your family is a true testament of love, faith, and hope. May God continue to bless you and your family.