Sunday, December 5, 2010

quick update!

hi friends!

well i have a lot on my mind to post about, but wanted to give you a quick update since i need some sleep. we had a good week last week, Evie had a neurology appointment on Wednesday, and she weighed in at 16.2 pounds!!! i can't even believe she has grown that much!

wednesday morning i woke up pretty dizzy and the room was doing some spinning. i was pretty scared but evie's neurologist told me to wait a few days until i called the doc. i finally called yesterday and he said i probably have some sort of inner ear virus. i feel really awful in the morning (dizzy and nauseous) but it progressively gets better through the day. i'm supposed to drink lots, and get rid of caffeine and salt... no wonder i feel awful!!!!! evie and lyla both have colds, so we are patiently waiting those out although the seem to get better every day.

on Friday we went to see Santa at the mall, it was really fun. we paid our horrendous fee to sit on his lap and get a 4x6 photo, and since our picture somehow didn't make it from the camera to the computer to be printed we got to cut in line and go again (Lyla thought she was the "winner" since she got to see Santa twice - ha ha). evie thought santa was worse than the hospital, especially since we sat her back on his lap after a first go-round of tears, but Lyla thought he was pretty cool. she wants a pink barbie (news to us!) for Christmas, and thinks Evie needs a new sweater. i will post pics when i have a little more time. we made our annual gingerbread house this afternoon and i tried my baking skills by making some bread my mom made us when we were kids. it shockingly turned out great! (: maybe i'm not such a bad cook after all.

if you could pray that we would all feel better that would be great. i get sick of being sick pretty quickly (:

thanks friends, love you and be back soon with photos!


  1. I'm praying for you Linds :)

  2. I used to have some weird episodes of daily dizzy/nausea, spinning feelings. It was every day but throughout the day kind of random altho worse in the morning. The only thing that helped was to lie down, no meds seemed to help. I went to lots of Drs, tested my inner ear ect. It could totally be inner ear because if your inner ear is off at all it'll make you dizzy and sick. Mine turned out to be a mild case of vertigo and atypical migraines. Got the right med and it cleared up, and it was years ago, went away and I haven't taken that med for a long time. Worth asking about.