Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally made whole...

Hi Friends.

Crazy couple days here at the Elsaesser home, long story short Evie is really sick, so no ABR tomorrow. I would like to elaborate on that and Father's day, but today is an important day and I want to commemorate this post to someone special.

Aria went to meet Jesus today. I have a good feeling she has known Jesus, but today she got to see him face to face. It's a glorious day to celebrate Aria having a whole and perfect body. After reading "Heaven is For Real" the simple joy of being in heaven as told by a 4 year old would make anyone excited to go there. I am honored to be friends with Aria's parents, who have stood by her side through over a year and a half of super high highs, and devastating blows. They have maintained a marriage and survived this tough time by resting in God's grace and peace. They are an amazing testament of faith and God's goodness to those who love Him. It's a very sad day for those who will miss Aria. We went to see her a few days before she got really sick and Lyla won't forget going to see her friend.

Join us in praying for the MacDonalds as they cope with this new chapter, and praise God for preparing a place especially for Aria. We'll be there to play with you soon enough sweet girl (: We love you.

I'll be back soon,


  1. So sweet of you to dedicate your post to Aria. She will be sorely missed.
    Thank you also for neing such good friends & support to the family fighting for their daughter in a strange country. We kiwis really appreciate you to.

    Hope little Evie gets back on track to the recovery road

    I will still be following you from kiwi land

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of Aria's passing. She has touched so many lives, and I know she's rejoicing at the feet of Jesus. My prayers are with all those who are grieving.

    I'm praying also that Evie heals quickly!