Wednesday, October 5, 2011

slow it down...

Hey friends (:

We have has a whirlwind of appointments since I last posted, I'll try to give you a good synopsis without being too boring!!

ENT checked out Evies ear CT last Tuesday and everything checked out normal which is great. That officially rules out any hearing problems and we can deal with her speech accordingly.

Next was our pediatrician appointment on Wednesday for her yearly checkup. Unfortunately she is back in the 0% of weight and height, but since she has become so active lately its not entirely surprising. She is doing great developmentally as far as most cognitive areas are concerned with the exception of speech (we'll get to that soon) and her gross motor skills are still the farthest behind but we already knew that.

Can't leave out Friday music class as it is the highlight of Evies week (: she's ready to start an band, I'm thinking a drum set for her third birthday would only be appropriate (:

Plastic surgery... Yes, by the time I need to make my first plastic surgery appointment I will already be well acquainted with the staff at Dreams Med Spa and Aesthetic surgery as Evie has her appointments there (: this was a followup appointment for her head surgery, and I'm thinking we are going to schedule another surgery in the next few months. Evie has a pretty pronounced bump on the top of her head left over from where her skull grew together after her first surgery and there is a minor operation that can be done to fix it. It is easier to do when the bone is thinner, so we figured we would schedule it soon while she's still young and hopefully won't remember, isn't in school and won't notice if her hair gets as little messed up. Luckily both the neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon didn't think we would need to shave her head again. Big sigh of relief coming from mom (:

Lastly, Evie also had her official speech eval on Tuesday. She scored between 20-24 months for receptive language (what she hears and understands) and between 10-20 months for expressive language (talking and communicating). The speech therapist gave us some things to work on and encouraged me to narrate as we do things together. Her speech is most likely behind because of all of the physical growth she has done in the past year, can't complain about that!

I have started reading a book about hearing God's whispers and learning how to listen better with the ladies who lead Bible study groups. So I'm driving to see my darling new nephew yesterday when I approach a tractor.... driving..... down...... the....... road..... you get the point, he was not going fast. So I found a safe place to pass him to get to the hospital. Today on my way to preschool I turned right behind an older person driving..... down..... the..... road..... Luckily it didn't take long for him to turn into a nearby neighborhood. Then, less than a few hours later i approached another seemingly comatose person driving incredibly slowly and I heard it... "SLOW DOWN." I thought, maybe I'm making this up... but I realized if i didn't slow down He was obviously going to slow me down anyway (: so thanks for the whisper today God. Honestly I'm not a real big fan of hurrying so I'm looking forward to putting on the brakes for a while. You can stop dispatching slow drivers in front of me now (:

Love you friends! thanks for all of the emails these past few weeks, if I haven't responded yet, I am getting there! (:


  1. Evie is first time to your blog.
    May God especially bless her and all of your family...and all the precious things she will be teaching you as she grows ;)

  2. Praying for you and Evie; praise God for all Jesus is teaching you.

  3. It fits my blog perfectly. And it downloaded without a hitch. Great post!

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