Wednesday, October 26, 2011

new shoe on!...

Hi friends!

Evie survived her re-casting today! Not only did she survive, she was a champ (: This morning was actually the first time Evie has looked at an exam table and grabbed onto my neck for dear life. With all the exam tables she has seen in 2 years I thought she was possibly a little numb when it came to fearing doctors, but today proved otherwise. Regardless, when it was time to get out the cast saw I held her from behind and there was much less screaming and crying than last time. Possibly because I was less tense and shielded her view... I was so nervous and she was so upset the first time I think we both stared at every cut of the saw in horror. Poor kid (: She did great today and was in very little pain when they fit her for her new braces, which is a good sign that the surgery was a success. She has a pink cast this go-round, after much discussion Lyla had the final say (:

Evies next skull surgery is scheduled! Not that I am especially excited to do this again, but I am relieved to have it on the calendar and to know that by Christmas it will be over and done with. Basically the surgeons are going to fix the large bump on the top of her head left behind by her previous surgery. I will be working out the insurance details the next few weeks, prayers for that would be greatly appreciated. Insurance approval has really been gut wrenchingly difficult for me as a parent. I understand that there need to be guidelines, I just wish someone who was less emotionally invested could handle this for us.

Thanks for all of your comments and emails after my last post. The first year of Eves life was so scary that i feel like I handled things so much more gracefully, but I seem to be clinging very tightly lately. The older and more absolutely darling this little girl gets the harder it is for me to even imagine about a day without her. Blessedly those thoughts are very few and very far between now but memories of the past hit very fresh sometimes.

I have a lot of new pictures to post! Sorry I an a little behind on pictures... posts... and life in general right now (: I will get caught up one of these days.

Love you guys, thanks so much for your prayers, love and support (: be back soon.


  1. So wonderful meeting you guys in Durango. And wish we lived in the same town. I pray for you and your family often concerning this journey God has you on. Blessings Alyson

  2. Praise God for such a beautiful little girl and her miracle story. Your blog blessed me today.