Thursday, January 5, 2012

does she have any underlying medical conditions?..

Hi Friends (:

Evie was pulling at her ear and crying yesterday at dinner, so I ran her to urgent care. We walked back to the room and the nurse turned to me and said "So does she have any underlying medical conditions?" I laughed, looked again, and she wasn't kidding... So I replied, "do you want, like, all of them?" (i mean we were just treating an ear infection)... Then I realized for the FIRST time since Evie was born, we went into a health care facility and the staff didn't immediately realize she had special needs. How cool is that! I'm sure if the nurse had taken a closer look she would have noticed her leg braces and healing incision on her head, but with pants and a little hair she had no clue (: I just love these little reminders that Evie is improving every day.

Evie has a double ear infection but is competing with her cousin Henry for the highest ear pain tolerance in Nebraska. She has taken two doses of amoxicilin and one dose of tylenol and she is back in action. We also got a sleep study scheduled for next Monday (Praise God! - these usually take weeks to get scheduled) so we can monitor her apnea for an extended period of sleep and figure out the next steps. I got a full nights sleep last night so I am a fully functioning human again. All good things (:

Evie's buddy Lydia has a walker that she let us borrow, I can't wait to post a video of Evie strolling around.

Love you friends, thanks for your prayers (:


  1. Lindsey- I absolutely love reading your updates regarding your family, especially little Evie! It brightens my day when I hear about her improvements. She is in my daily prayers. :)


  2. LOL I'm not sure a double ear infection has ever made me smile. :D That little girl of yours is amazing.

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