Friday, August 17, 2012

It's the end of the world as we knew it!

Hi Friends...

It's official, we have joined the scores of people waking up early and driving their kids to Elementary School!  No more sleeping in until afternoon preschool. I'll be honest, I think I am more tired than the kids!

Lyla started Kindergarten this past Tuesday. I had a few weeks of intense prayer over her teacher and classmates and she is off to a good start. I am praising God that she likes it so much! She was very apprehensive about it this summer which made for a very apprehensive Mama, but she (and I) have survived our first week.

Evie on the other hand can't wait for me to get her walker out of the car so she can run inside and play with her friends. She started school on Tuesday morning with the intention of her going two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I took Lyla to school on Wednesday morning and while pulling back into the driveway heard a little voice from the back seat "No mommy! Evie's school! Go Evie's school!!" It was an intense negotiation but I got her inside the house. Many tears were shed. A few minutes later she was sitting on the living room floor, put her backpack back on and said nicely, "Evie's school please mommy? Please?" followed by big round hopeful eyes. It was her last ditch effort to see if I would take her to school if she asked nicely (: Needless to say we are going to try three days next week (: She uses her walker the whole time and can finally take some independent steps. I am really proud of her.

Lastly, and least importantly... mom. I did so good the first day, no tears, it was really fun to see the girls start a new chapter. It wasn't until last night that I finally had to cry out the fact that I just really miss Lyla during the day when she's gone. The three hours that Evie goes to school are do-able, but the 8 to 3 thing is really hard for me.

I'm praising God for the giant leaps both girls made this, and praying for restful weekend days, or "family days" as Lyla calls them (:

Love you friends!