Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This post may cause tears and uncontrolled shouts of "Hallelujah!"

Hi Friends (:
After about a month of working on her skills...


There is nothing better for me right now than watching Evie take new strides! When Evie's physical therapist was wrapping up a few days before school started she took her first few independent steps, now she is walking independently across the room. She still crawls at times but is more consistently standing up to walk. It's slow and steady and she still uses her walker for long distances (and when she wants to go FAST - as she puts it).
I can't express in words how it feels for me to see Evie walk. Waiting for her to walk these past few years has humbled me and broken my heart (in a good way). It has caused me to stop hoping for the next thing and be content in the present.

I AM SO PROUD of our sweet girl and her determination. When our computer decides to cooperate I will post pictures of her FIRST day of swimming lessons yesterday.

and a big THANK YOU to Suzie from the park... who couldn't wait to meet Evie as she has been following our blog since the beginning. It was a good reminder for me that I need to get on here more often and share our JOY in the craziness of life!

and... we have another new family member! Our first foster placement went home after two months, and four days later we took our second placement. We are back to same-sex children and enjoying a bit of a slower pace (i have a new appreciation for mothers of boys!!!)


Evie's life verse (capitals added by myself):

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
THEY WILL WALK and not faint.


  1. Good Morning, the best birthday present EVER! Evie continues to bless me in ways I never thought possible! You are an amazing mom who has given this child every opportunity for growth she could ever wish for, God Bless you for never giving up but pushing forward in ways no one ever thought she could achieve! Love you both more then words.

  2. That was AWESOME! :D Thanks for sharing! GO EVIE!

  3. So totally awesome! Just seeing the look on Evie's face tells me that nothing can stop her.

  4. Evie, you make people around the world smile at the JOY you find in every moment of life. You humble all of us when you break milestone after milestone in this life your parents were told you would never live. You are a constant reminder of the awesome Creator we worship. The One who always knew you'd be taking these steps. XOXOX

  5. xoxo from Poland for You and Your little Beauty-Smart Girl ! <3