Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Pics!

I am finally getting pictures uploaded from my camera... here are a few of my latest favorites (:

John and I at John's pinning (one of few pictures of just the two of us!)

Lyla and her new hat from Grandma Lou

Our Jelly Fish table at the T-Rex cafe!

Lyla and her cousin Addi in Kansas City

Lou, Lindsey and Evie in Kansas City

AND... we had our maternity photos taken yesterday! I'm not sure when they will be done, but we sure had fun. Lyla cooperated even though she hadn't taken a nap all day, so someone must have been praying for us (thanks mom!). Catherine Bosley the coordinator for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep in Omaha took the pictures (Bosley Creative) and she was so great. I will post some when we get them back (:
Bye for now,


  1. At first I thought you and John were posing fromt he red carpet because of the insignia in the background. lol :]

  2. Love the pics! Nice hat,..... I DO like your hat! Cute one of the cousins. What a huge jelly fish! Very nice with Grandma. Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Carrie

  3. I was thinking of you. I love seeing the pictures of you guys.