Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi Friends!

We made it back.... and it was fun! We had an awesome weekend, drove half way to Keystone last Thursday night and made it there on Friday. The boys had "boy day" (white water rafting) on Saturday, so the girls went for a long walk on the keystone trails, and sat in the hot tub looking out at the mountains. It doesn't get more beautiful than that! On Sunday we went to the Dillon Amphitheater in the morning for church overlooking Dillon Lake and the wedding was that night, and it was absolutely gorgeous. We took two gondolas into the mountains, Lyla thought it was the best thing ever (: Evie had a scare after our first ride, where her oxygen dropped and her pulse was racing, but we think her monitor may have just come off of her foot funny. She likes to make sure we're paying attention! (:

OKAY I was going to post pics, but my computer isn't downloading! I promise to post tomorrow. Sorry if you have been checking for updates, we have been so busy I haven't even gotten all of our vacation clothes put away!

Love you friends, thanks for checking in, and look for pics soon!


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