Monday, October 11, 2010

craving God...

Hi Friends (:

This fall has been an interesting time for us. I feel like last year was sooooo so so long ago... and yet just the smells of the season can bring me joy and make me nauseous at the same time. The past few weeks my spiritual walk has felt a little dry. We've been busy, and I just haven't spent the good quality time in God's word that I so need. This past weekend there was another sermon in Revelation that has led me to really dig into my Bible, and I connected with some new friends who love Jesus this past week. The funny thing about God to me, is that once I get a taste of Him, I crave Him to the point where I don't know how I could ever spend a day without Him. And my prayer life goes deep, where I can't sleep because I am so marveled at God's goodness and just can't stop telling Him about it.

I love these seasons, where I appreciate everything a little more. I told my friend the other day "I've been watching Evie sleep a lot lately" which sounds weird, but I have. And I have continued amazement at the GIFT we have been given of her sweet face every minute of every day. I can hardly leave the house without missing her, and I WILL take naps with her when I want... because I can! (:

So thank you God for this season of fullness. Help me to use it to be a good, life-giving, nourishing, mother for my kids, a compassionate wife, and a God-honoring friend.

Love you friends, and YES I'm working on those costume pics, I can't get these kids to sit still! (:


  1. I love that comment, that you will take naps with her because you can! I should remember that myself :) Play with my kids because I can!

  2. Everyone has spritual dry spells. (I think that must be part of being human.) The important part is that we come back home.