Saturday, October 23, 2010

the little things are big things (:

Hi Friends!

What a good weekend! John and I actually got a babysitter tonight (for Lyla... Evie always gets to party with us) and had a night out with friends. It was nice to get out for a bit, relax, and catch up. Evie is doing great, we have been so busy it feels like! Today we got to go to a friend's Make-A-Wish kick off party, and I am always in awe of the strength God gives a family to not only persevere but to grow and thrive in the midst of health troubles. It's fun to be around families who have struggled a bit, because it's always the little steps forward that are so joyful... something we miss out on sometimes with "normal" kids.

Speaking of little steps, as I mentioned before Evie is sitting up, now for minutes at a time! I still don't have a picture, I am waiting for a good one, which I think may be impossible to capture because I get so excited the picture never captures my excitement (: Hopefully soon I will capture one that is great enough to post! She is also blowing kisses. The really fun thing is that I'll say "Evie, blow kisses to daddy" and she turns to John and blows kisses without me showing her how, or pointing to John.... so she is identifying people, and following instructions without having to be shown. That shows big physical and cognitive growth! Go Eve!

And for a few prayer requests.... we see the pulmonologist this Wednesday, and I am going to BEG to try to wean Evie off of oxygen again. Most of the kids in her clinical trial were on O2 for 4 or 5 months, and we are two months shy of a year, so I'm a little weary of carrying tanks around. I'll probably have to start eating fewer calories when I don't have the extra weight to carry around, but it will be well worth it! (: From what I've heard they have allowed other kids to wean when they are sat-ing around 93-95 consistently, and Evie has leveled out right around there. She was improving and improving, and the past few months she has stayed the same. I feel like this is a sign that she has improved with assistance as much as she's going to, and we need to let her body try on it's own... but I'm not a pulmonologist, so we'll see what the expert has to say (:

ALSO, I got an email last June from a mom, who also received a lethal diagnosis for her unborn daughter of OI type 2 and decided to continue her pregnancy. She was given the same options (by the same doctor in California as us... coincidence, I think not!) as we were, terminate the pregnancy, or donate the baby to science when she passed away (pretty cold hearted... and heartbreaking). Regardless, precious baby girl Zoe has made it to term (HOORAY!) and Chelsea is having her c-section tomorrow. Will you join me in praying for Chelsea, her husband Curtis, and their new baby Zoe? From experience I would say to pray for complete healing, peace, joy in the midst of nervousness, safety for Zoe, and TIME. A lifetime of time.

Thanks friends! I love you so much, and love sharing our little achievements with you (: It blows my mind to know that there are some of you that I will never meet on this side of heaven, but we'll have an eternity to get to know each other. How awesome is that (:


  1. Lindsey,
    Your strengthen and faith in the Lord continues to inspire me daily. I have only had the blessing of meeting you a short while ago, as well as Evie, and I can't even begin to imagine someone not wanting to bring littel Evie into the world. She is a miracle and a true blessing and I think of you guys every day. Especially when I am complaining about things that I really have no business complainig about. I will say many prayers for this family in hopes that they will have a lifetime of experiencing the same miracles of life as you, John and Lyla.

    Many Blessing to you and your Family and precious little Evie :-)

    Keri Mallory

  2. What a smart little baby she is! I can't get Maddy to blow kisses at all much less to someone in particular!

  3. Lindsey-will you please tell Chelsea & Curtis that we're praying! Thank you for sharing their story a bit and allowing us to join you in prayer! Is there an update at all?

    Evie-You go girl! You are so strong! Keep up the good work with sitting! Can't wait to see what else you accomplish as you grow!


  4. Lindsey,
    It was truly a blessing to meet you, your hubby, and precious Evie. She is beautiful and lights up a room with her determination. I have been reading your blog and continue to be amazed at God's grace, your faith, and the miracle of life that Evie has everyday. You are truly a walking testimony of patience, endurance, and joy in the midst of challenges.

    Lindsey Buche Alcock (friend of Tim and Kelli)

  5. I'm so excited for Evie! Yea!
    I will be praying for Zoe and her parents - and maybe that doctor too!