Saturday, November 13, 2010

why it's a big deal...

Hi Friends!
We made it through the week, thanks for praying. Blood draw Tuesday went amazingly well, just one poke... Wednesday took 3 pokes, and Thursday only 2. But thankfully we got all the blood we needed.

Our PT Eval on Thursday went AWESOME! I forgot we hadn't seen the evaluator for three months, and Evie has improved so much. Three months ago Evie couldn't roll over, sit up, pick up food with her hands, or feed herself... ALL of which she can do now! Big, big improvements. Then we got to see one of our favorite docs on Friday, he was absolutely thrilled with Evie's progress. We are so lucky to have so many people who take a special interest in our special girl (: On our way home we swung by the pediatricians office for a weight check, and Eve weighed in at 15lb 6oz!!! She is obviously still off the normal growth curve, but her own growth curve is on the right path! (:

And I've been struggling with the oxygen. I tried really hard to ignore it and move on but for some reason since her test it seems like her concentrator buzzes a little louder, and her tanks are a little more annoying... I'm sure just because I was hoping to be done with them. My big struggle with oxygen is that she looks different with her O2 off. And I miss her little face being plastic free. So I decided when I get sad about it I'm just going to take her tube off for a few minutes and get a glimpse of what we have to look forward to. I will post a glimpse here for you to enjoy (:

Love you friends, thanks for praying and caring about us!


  1. LOVE Evie's picture! God's timing is perfect. He's brought Evie this far, loosing those tanks can't be far behind!

  2. She's so cute! Look at all the hair she is getting! Look at those teeth! She's got a pretty awesome smile too Lindsey. You're right! She has her own growth chart and that's all that matters because look at her. She is growing in ways we can't even wrap our minds around. That oxygen tank is nothing but a thing.

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart! I love you and your girls so much!
    I was in awe of you this week as we were playing at the playground and how you sweetly shared with the little girl who asked about Evie's tube. God is using you Lindsey-never forget!
    We can't wait to see God's timing revealed and when Evie will be plastic free :)

  4. Lindsey - her weight is so great! Korina weighed 17 lbs when she was 12 months old and now at 20 months old is 19.5. I have a feeling Evie will be catching up with her!!

  5. AH! I love that precious face so so much! The smile is just incredible! It's coming Linds! xoxo

  6. I can't believe how old she looks here - like a little girl...not so "baby"! Love that smile! She's doing so amazingly well - PTL! Thrilled to hear about all her progress, but know how hard it is to "get over" that 1 thing that just won't seem to go away. Love ya!

  7. Glad to hear about all her progress and love that picture! How fun to see her at church and sit and hear her talk and see her precious smile.