Friday, April 8, 2011

THIS far...

Hi Friends (:

Experiencing miracles is a tricky business. I have been blessed by the miracle of Eve's life so much every day, and in the meantime have met families who are experiencing miracles right along with us. Miracles are awesome. Amazing. Wonderful. Awe-inspiring. Sometimes once-in-a-lifetime. The down-side to miracles, is we usually have to experience heartache first. Big deep painful heartache. Then comes deliverance. Miracles.

Today I got a text from Aria's mom that said "It's a miracle ! Likely neither cancer or graft v host. Going home today" I couldn't help but cry, it doesn't get much better than those three words 'it's a miracle,' not to mention the other three 'going home today.' Hospitalized families long to hear those words. On Monday Aria went to the OR to have her biopsies and tests with an 85% chance of cancer. Answers coming Tuesday. Tuesday there were no answers, but the docs thought Aria might have graft vs. host... meaning her transplanted organs were attacking her body. And today she is home, waiting for final confirmation that she has neither. Cry out to God friends, he HEARS, and he ANSWERS. and some days just SING his praises.

When Aria's mom texted me, I immediately thought of a passage we have been studying in my women's study in 2 Samuel 7, where God makes a promise to David, and David responds by saying "Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?" Honestly friends, I could pray this prayer every morning. Every evening. Two years ago we were in mourning, and God has brought us SO far. Who am I Lord, that you have brought EVIE this far. That you have brought ME this far. That you have brought JOHN and LYLA this far. That you have brought our FRIENDS this far. I am so thankful that God inspired David to write those words, as a written reminder of his faithfulness and how much he LOVES us. I couldn't feel more loved. Thank you Lord.

Thank you for joining me in prayer for Evie and Aria. I just finished reading the book "Heaven is for Real" about a little boy who takes a trip to heaven during an operation in which he nearly died. When he came back he slowly told his parents about his experience, but noted frequently 'Jesus loves the children. Jesus really loves the children. Don't forget, Jesus loves the children.' Thanks for loving my kids Jesus. I need that comfort (:

and I love you friends (: You are dearly loved.


  1. Crying tears of joy over Aria's health! Thank you for sharing :)
    Thank you for sharing David's heart along with yours :) You encourage me dear friend!!

  2. Great post. Brought tears to my eyes. :)

  3. With my own situation I struggle to see the Lord in all the events that played out over my last two years...I have MUCH to be thankful for, but still carry so much anger and frustration for why things did happen the way they did. The "WHY?" question haunts me almost daily. Anyway...your posts no matter the topic always direct me back to where I should be heading...back to God. Thank you for always making things, feelings, emotions, thoughts seem so simple. You bring my own faith very much into focus for me everything I read your posts.

    I very much agree miracles are very tricky things...I sometimes believe the death of my son was a miracle of mercy upon his not so wonderful life...and other days I am so angry he had to go.