Thursday, July 21, 2011

step step!

Hey Friends!
What a HOT summer week! I can't even believe the heat index here in Omaha... over 100 for the past few days. That has given us a lot of time to spend in the pool with friends or nana and papa, so it's been good (:
In regards to the title of this post... Evie is STARTING... very very slowly, to cruise furniture! We have to (1) get her to stand without fussing (2) entice her with something amazing like a brownie or juice box, and (3) help teach her how to shift her weight to a single foot so the other is free to move. The mechanics of taking steps are so much different than you would imagine, we are SO blessed to have such an amazing PT who works with Evie and I so I can learn how to practice with her. Miss Susan is the best!
We also found Evie some shoes at Target that fit right over her braces. We went to a more expensive childrens shoe store but would have had to buy shoes that were 2 sizes too big, but while I was at target one day I saw some sandals (that happened to be on clearance for $6!) that fit perfect! She needs shoes over her braces to give her some traction and stability.
We are expecting a walker sometime in the near future to help Evie balance her weight on her sides instead of in front of her. She panics when she is holding onto something and it moves, so we are hoping to try something a little different. We got her a toy walker that is actually small enough for her to stand, but she isn't loving it.
Brian took a few more photos this week, I can't believe how big our little miracle girl is getting, and that it was two short years ago I was gearing up for her birth. Praise Praise Praise our Heavenly Father for his gracious provision for Evie's life and his tender love to John Lyla and I as we walked this road with her. Pretty soon she's going to be walking herself!
I am dying to get video of her talking a couple of steps but I'm usually the one moving her hips and cheering her on, so hopefully I'll get one soon (:
Love you friends!
photos by Brian Lehmann
look at this BIG girl!
there's that missing tooth (:


  1. That first picture is absolutely beautiful! She is gettin to be cuter and cuter - and such a big girl, too! Awesome news on the steps - Go Evie!


  2. Amazing...both the news of walking and the beautiful pictures!!!
    Sarah Goldsberry

  3. oh oh oh! these pictures are so so cute. I happened upon your blog from "Holding onto Hope" blog (Maddy's blog). Happy to read a bit about your life....and see cute photos!

  4. What a beautiful little girl she is. I can't get over those big blue eyes!