Monday, July 4, 2011

ABR tomorrow!

Happy Fourth of July Friends!

We have had a firework packed weekend with family and friends, it has been a blast. We decided to stay in town and it was a nice weekend for us to relax.

I have been working so hard to get a good new picture of Evie to put on this site, but with her new oxygen-free lifestyle I can't get her to sit still for very long!

Evie's ABR is finally tomorrow. She is healthy and I'm sure everything will go great. She will be under general anesthesia which is really the only thing to be worried about but she has done well with anesthesia in the past. Say an extra prayer for her (and I) as we haven't done the hospital routine in a while and it's always a little stressful. Her test is at 8am, so we have to arrive at 630am, and we will be in post-op/observation for a few hours after her test. Hopefully we will have a good grasp on her hearing when we are done and can make plans to work toward better communication whether that be hearing aides, sign language, etc.

Thanks for praying for us! Love you friends, hope you had a blessed 4th (:

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