Thursday, August 18, 2011

evie's first prayer...

Hi Friends,

Evie woke up early today so John brought her into bed with us. She sat between us and played for a while, then grabbed my hand. I felt her pull John and I's hands together, her holding one of each... she bowed her head, closed her eyes, said something softly along the lines of "lala ma na da a" and nodded her head. We hold hands together whenever we pray as a family, and this was so very obviously Evie praying. Considering she doesn't talk much I was in awe of her little act of worship this morning. I can't wait to hear her prayers when I can understand the words, yet this spoke to my heart more than any sermon. Wow, I love this kid (:

Love you too friends (:


  1. Amen! Lydia loves praying and saying "Awma." Our little prayer warriors.

  2. I absolutely love this & love her sweet little soul, and you of coarse!!! Love you all!!!!

  3. What a sweet and intimate moment for all of you to experience together! Evie will continue to expand God's kingdom throughout her life. What a precious girl she is!!