Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mischevious Eve says "I"

Hi friends!

Where did August go? I feel like we just said goodbye to Lylas preschool teachers and she has orientation this Wednesday for her new class! I don't need any reminders that Kindergarten is next year, I WILL be the mom crying in the parking lot. Ugh!

Evie Jayne seems to have joined her peers in their terrible twos (: its funny as a mom not to dread the naughtiness... I actually am a little proud of her when she is determined to do things her way! She knows that she needs to obey John and I but its pretty awesome that she has come far enough to have a mind of her own. We saw her neurologist this week whose welcoming words were "wow, who would have thunk???" Its amazing we are weeks away from her second birthday. Between emptying drawers, crawling out of her highchair, emptying my closet of shoes and just plain driving Lyla crazy by getting 'this close' to anything she is playing with, she has earned the nicknames Mischevious Eve or Devious Eve (: love this kid!

Secondly I really feel like her speech is picking up which is good. She still doesn't really pronounce words like she should but she I attempting to make many more sounds. When I tell her "I love you" and annunciate my words she replies by nodding wide eyed and saying "I" (: one out of three words works for this mom!

I finally figured out how to blog from my phone which should make my posts more frequent, and I'm thinking I can send pics straight from here also! Bear with me while I work out the kinks and find the spell check (:

AND Evies magazine debut is September 1st, so be looking for some big news (:

Love you friends! Thanks for praying for us and loving us for the past 2 years. I feel like I have been sharing Evies story a lot lately and I couldn't feel more blessed than to have her with us, and to have the amazing network of friends and family supporting her that we have.

Getting ready for school:


  1. Where will be able to pick up the magazine? I'm so glad she's doing so well!

  2. Read your story in the Spirit magazine on our way home to AZ from Omaha today and couldn't wait to get home and look up your blog! Isn't the Lord good! Thank you for sharing! I have added your sweet little girls and your whole family to my prayer list! God Bless!

    Rebecca Abbott

  3. Thank You for sharing the beauty of God's Grace and Mercy! May the Prince of Peace who is Jesus Christ continue to give you comfort and Joy!

  4. cute kid and a good birthday party.