Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hi friends (:

Excuse my punctuation, I'm attempting to blog from my phone again (:

I have been pretty reflective going into this weekend. Whenever the topic of Evies birthday is mentioned it is either followed by a statement of wonder from someone who knows her story, or a brief moment of awe from myself if I mention it to someone who hasn't met her, as I wish I could sum up the joy that she is and the significance of a second year of living.

I started a new womens Bible study on Tuesday and during our video session the speaker quoted a man who had said "awe preceeds faith." Meaning a period of awe typically results in a leap of faith.

What a good way to sum up the past two years. I have continually been in awe at Gods goodness and provision in hard times and my faith in His sovereignty has solidified.

I can't wait to send the next two days in awe of the blessings we have been given! When Evie laughs there is an inevitable leap in my faith every time.

Pictures to come, we're bringing out the good camera for this one!!!!! Happy birthday eve eve, Evie Jayne!! (:

Love you friends.


  1. i'm so glad that this blog has made it to blogs of note. Great to see a christian blog make it this far. Wonderful miracle maker is God, isn't he?

  2. Happy Birthday Evie. May you have as many happy one as you wish.

  3. Today I came home on a Southwest flight after a phenominal weekend watching my 18 year old son graduate from the Air Force BMT. I'm a "white knuckle" flier and grabbed the Spirit magazine to help calm my fear of flying. I walked on the plane an incredibly proud parent having raised three wonderful children, the last of which has chosen to serve our country. I thought there was nothing better than what I had experienced.....until I read about your family. What a blessing you are, and will be, to so many people who have nowhere to turn. Your story is inspirational and made me again count my many blessings. Our God is an awesome God and I look forward to reading about your beautiful daughters and the progression of Evie. Thank you for sharing your story....our Lord and Saviour is amazing and miracles DO happen - Evie is living proof of that.

    I'll be praying for all of you.

    Elizabeth Miller
    Lake Elsinore, California

  4. aww happy birthday evie :)
    loved that you guys are on blogs of note-- thanks for sharing your story. praise God! :)

    i'll be praying for your family too :D

  5. Congratulations on blog of note. Your story of Evie and continued miracles is great. A friend of mine has a similar story of miracles. Their daughter was given two weeks to live and we are getting ready to celebrate her one year birthday with a blood drive soon. I thought I would include the link to their blog but I understand if you are overwhelmed. God Bless
    Jeff Garrett aka. klarkwgriswold

  6. So deserving as a Blog of Note! What a story, Christian or not. Happy Birthday Evie, you little wondrous being.

  7. Evie looks happy. She's so precious and I know that God will always lookout for your family and her.

  8. Happy Birthday Evie,hopefully longevity, and success always

  9. Para los que les gusta la magia es un lugar donde podes aprender magia, trucos y un monton de cosas mas! entren yaaa!!!