Monday, September 12, 2011

Evie's first gig...!

Hi Friends (:

Well okay, Evie doesn't have a "gig" yet... but she starts music class today! For one of her birthday presents she is starting a kids music class. We have a demo class to make sure she likes it, and she'll start weekly classes on Friday if she does. When Lyla was little we did a play and music class so I'm really excited to start music with Eve! My sister had pandora radio on yesterday at my parent's pool and Evie managed to twirl around while sitting on her bum (: Hopefully it will be fun for her!

Her pulmonology appointment on Tuesday went fantastic, her doc was happy to see her and her lungs sound great. I used to dread pulmonology appointments because for months she stayed the same and we just had to wait for her lungs to get bigger so we could take her oxygen off. That long 17 months of continuous oxygen was SO worth it... I can say that now that I don't have to carry a tank around everywhere we go (:

Countdown: 1 week until Evie's birthday! We are going to have a small family party on Sunday after church and on her actual birthday we are going to take the girls and their cousin to either the zoo, bounce u, or something equivalent. We are still tired from her first birthday party (ha!) so we're going small this year. I have actually been pretty emotional about this one. Last year she was getting sick right around the time of her party and we made so many preparations I didn't have time to cry... this year has been a fall of reflecting and being thankful, and just enjoying Eve... and I DO apparently have time to cry just thinking about it! (:

Countdown: 2 weeks until Evie's surgery on her right foot. The first surgery on both feet took the doctor about 25 minutes so I'm sure this one will be quick also. I'm not as worried about the surgery as I am about the recovery... 6 weeks in a full leg cast is not going to be Evie's idea of fun. In February when she had both legs casted she was just crawling, so she could still get around with the casts on, but now that she's up, down and climbing everywhere I'm thinking it will get in her way. Sigh. It's just 6 weeks, we can do it!

I have a few adorable pics of Evie tailgating for her favorite college football team, the Huskers of course! I am working on getting them from my phone to the computer... technical difficulties (: Hopefully I will have it up soon!

Love you friends! Thanks again for the incoming emails and comments on Evie's article. SO fun to share her life.


  1. Evie...hope u enjoy ur music classes :)

  2. Dance your socks off girl! :)

  3. I read your article today while flying to Denver. What a great inspiration. I hope everything continues to progress well for your daughter!

  4. I read your story on a flight today and was simply amazed. Your story gives everyone hope.

    Stay positive and hope little Evie continues to get better and bigger.

    Hope her 2nd birthday is grander than the first !!

  5. I also read your story on a flight today and was holding my tears. I have two kids, 9 and 11 yrs olds. But I went thru the same different medical complications with my 11 yr old. But with faith, there's always a miracle. You'll always be in my prayers.

  6. I saw your article while flying to Detroit, so inspired, I will pray for her. she is your playlist especially Meredith Andrews.

  7. (: all i can do is smile.