Monday, September 19, 2011

Evie's 2nd Birthday in Photos (:

Sunday birthday lunch after church at Valentinos buffet - Brownie cake! just starting to get the hang of the birthday thing...

musical cards are the best!

To our house to open gifts - Evie step stepping to Mr. Brian (yes, the one who takes the amazing photos)

group shot!

and off to the Children's museum! just looking beautiful (:

coloring... after the girls painted their own faces (:

who's more excited about the fun car!?

we could have sat on the floor in the ball room for hours

And today, the 19th - at the zoo. All of the birthday pancake photos ended up on my phone :(

the highlight of the zoo this time was the giraffes!

Eve and mom tied together, the usual (:


Evie loves cake... and her dad!

I'm 2! (thats one on each hand) (:


sisters....what? we're not supposed to rub our hands together with our cake!?

but it's hilarious!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Evie Jayne! (:


  1. Congratulations to Evie and your family and wishing her many happy returns of the day.

    As a Blogger Engineer, I felt proud in reading your story in southwest's spirit magazine and knowing about your Blog.

    As you would have noticed you are a Blog of Note today, Congratulations!

  2. Happy B-Day Evie!

    Like Vardhman posted above, I came across your blog as the Blog of Note today.

    Funny thing is, I was looking for blogs to create a web page assignments for my students (I teach web development at Chadron State College out in the western part of NE), and ended up reading some of your recent posts. What an amazing journey!

    My youngest daughter, Abby, was born with an infection and heart defect requiring stay NICU and several months of endless doc visits... She is doing well now, but, like Evie, we just didn't know in the beginning.

    Reading Evie's story brought up emotions that I haven't felt in a while.

    I'm glad she has come so far, and that you guys were able to enjoy such a wonderful day!

    Also, we spent many days in Omaha over at Children's last year. What an excellent place to receive medical treatment!

    Anyways, Happy b-day Kiddo! All the best, Jamison Family (Todd, Wendy, Hannah, and Abby)

  3. Happy birthday!!! Love all your pictures!!

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  6. I came across your blog as it is blog of note today, congrats!

    What an awesome God story you have in Evie!
    Happy birthday to her.

  7. gorgeous girls! happy birthday sweet evie!!!

  8. how sweet..happy birthday to evie!

  9. Came across on Blogs of Note! What a sweet story. I love how big and bright Evie's eyes are! Precious.

  10. Your girls are gorgeous!

    I also have two wee lassies who I dote on.

    Congrats on your Blogs of Note!

  11. Love all the pics...looks like a magical day! Happy 2nd Birthday Evie!!

  12. Happy Birthday Evie!!!! You look great. We can't believe how far you have come. You continue to be a blessing to us and everyone you meet.
    Ron, Jill, and Ellie

  13. Oh, how I long for the days of smearing cake all over *my* face. Enjoy it while you can, Evie.

  14. Have a Happy Birthday Cake face ^^

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  16. I was flying today on Southwest and read your entire story in their magazine. I was so inspired that I jotted down the name and had to find your blog. You and your family are a true witness to God's love and what true faith is all about. Look forward to your updates!

    Jeanette Ingalls (jeanette

  17. oh, your babies so cute :X :*
    knock on the wood ***


  18. What a precious miracle Evie is....she is adorable! :-)

  19. Found your blog listed under notable blogs. What a lovely family you have and a very inspiring story. Happy Birthday to your baby girl and best wishes to all of you.


  20. This is a fun blog! I talked about you in my blog post today:

  21. Congrats on Blogs of Note!

  22. I ran across your story in Soutwest Spirit magazine. All I can say is wow and how blessed you are. A constant reminder how precious life is, something we often forget. Evie I'll be watching your story here and praying for you...

  23. What a precious and beautiful girl she is. She is very blessed to have the family she has as you are all blessed to have her. I read your story the other day in Spirit Magazine and bawled. I tried keeping it hidden but I have a 20 month old via adoption and she was sitting right next to me. This story tugged at my heart. I was good and only let a couple of tears slip, but if I allowed myself I would have been needing a time out in the bathroom.
    You are an amazing woman and family. May Evie live another 100 glorious years. Thank you for sharing your story.

  24. Happy 2nd Birthday to Evie!! She's BEAUTIFUL. :]

  25. Your girls are beautiful! I will keep you in my prayers! Happy Birthday Evie!

  26. What a fun few days! I can just "feel" the joy from your pictures!!! Your girls are so amazing! "Enjoy ALL of life"..thats the lesson I get from the pictures of your family!

  27. Congratulations on your "Blog of Note" award!

    and on your little Barbie girl. So full of life and laugher. Truly a blessing.

    from Barbies4Sale!

  28. aawwwwwwww :)
    Happy birthday to the lil one and many congratulations to you for making it to Blogs Of Note <3


  29. hello:)))
    your baby is very sweet:)
    hullo ...

  30. Happy Birthday Evie. Two Wow ! That is a fun number! and yeah you are beautiful. Hi this is Munir over here at Focus. Yes Musical cards are the best. They connect us specially if we are musically inclined, like me and my two year old grandson love the "Star Wars theme music musical card his six year old brother got for his birhtday.
    And Mama and Dad , congrats for being the Blog of Note. Cheers:)

  31. cake!! soo sweet

  32. Happy Birthday! Looks like she had a lot of fun.

  33. She is beautiful :DD
    Happy Birthday :*

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