Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hi Friends!

This past week and a half has been a total whirl-wind... we had a serious looker, then a second showing, and finally an offer. Our house is SOLD! I haven't mentioned this yet, but we are actually building a home to better suit Evie's needs and get her in a smaller school district. We were keeping it to ourselves since the purchase is contingent upon selling out existing home and we were waiting for God's hand to work out the deal, and finally it looks like it will go through (: WOW! The new house is a ranch, so her bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc will all be on one level. It's also on a flat lot, so she should be safe in the yard and around the house (: There are a few stairs in and out, but when she gets this cast off (this thursday!), hopefully she will be getting closer to walking.

So we officially have 24 days to move out of our house. Yes, you heard me correctly, November 30! Amazingly, our builder moved the closing date on our new house from the end of January to December 12th so we can get in sooner. We are feeling totally blessed that we will be moved by Chistmas, and hopefully unpacked by next Halloween - HA!

We have had a few friends offer to let us live with them for the 12 days that we will be homeless, and if you remember, Evie's surgery is on December 5th, right in the middle of our transition. The Elsaessers like to do everything stressful all at one time, so we are just trying to stay true to our history (: Evie and I will stay at the hospital 3-5 days after her surgery, so the closing date of the 12th on our new house should be great. At least I will be out of the hospital and able to make it to the bank to sign paperwork (:

so THANK YOU! for praying for us. I am so excited to be relieved of the stress of stairs and Evie falling. Her bone doc has told us that as kids like her get more mobile they start to have their first breaks. We are hoping this transition will help lessen that chance (: Thank you God for blessing us!

Since it's been SO long since I posted I figure I owe you several pictures, I am working on that next. Love you guys!


  1. Lindsey, I have followed you and your wonderful Evie and Lyla since the begining. I have been praying for your sweet family and am so happy to hear of the house situation. I have a question for you. I have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old grandson who also has some special needs and my daughter and her husband have been looking at moving to get into a ranch also...and also looking for smaller school districts that have excellent specila needs programs. I am wondering if you could tell me what school district you have chosen to have for evie. I would let my daughter know and she could check it out. My best wishes to you as you have a very busy yet exciting few months!!!

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  3. Congratulations to ya! From the sound of it, your new home would be a wonderful place for you guys. Selling a home and finding a new one can be hectic, indeed. It's like a whirlwind sometimes, but it feels great to find what you're looking for, right?

  4. Best of luck to you on your journey to find a new home. It's an exciting time, and you have to keep your eyes peeled to find the right home. Selling the old house is a big step, but be ready for the next step of moving.