Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Miracle girls...

I got an email from a mom on June 24, 2010 asking about type 2 OI. This mom had seen the same specialist in California (where they live) who read my ultrasound and told us Evie wouldn't make it. She had been given the same lethal diagnosis for her unborn daughter.

Today we got to have lunch with Zoe and her mom Chelsea! Before we left the house I pulled up our original emails and felt the same intense rush of emotions as I did when I read them the first time. Zoe celebrated her 1st birthday in October (: she is just a year younger than Evie and we are blessed to know her.

God orchestrates life in such amazing ways. Chelsea had posted a question about type 2 OI on an online message board and someone gave her our blog address. Now Zoe and Evie have two of the same amazing doctors treating them even though Zoe and her family live in California. Incredible!

I am constantly amazed at Gods love for us. We could be traveling this journey alone but instead He has brought people into our lives to share the journey with. He is so good (:

Love you friends! Pictures of Evie and Zoe coming tomorrow (:


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