Sunday, December 4, 2011


Hi friends (:

Evies surgery is tomorrow morning at 7am, we need to arrive at the hospital at 530. The sermon this morning was about Trust, it was very applicable. Honestly, I'm not as 'nervous' about tomorrow as I am just plain sad. Its almost harder since we've done this surgery before, because her recovery was so awful. We are hoping this incision is smaller and the swelling won't be as bad. In case I forgot to menton before, they are fixing the bump of bone on the top of her head left behind by her last cranial reconstructive surgery.

Prayer requests:
Evie doesn't panic as they take her away
I don't panic as they take her away
Anethesia goes well
Surgery is sucessful
No emergencies
Extubation and recovery go well
We can control her pain afterward
She doesn't get scared
She doesn't swell too bad
We can adequately comfort her

Thanks friends, love you.

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