Saturday, March 19, 2011

ending on a good note (:

Wow, this week was a week of ups and downs!

Last week was a good one, I substitute taught for my good friend in her middle school math class. Boy did it feel good to get back into the classroom for a day! It has been really hard to sub this year with all of Evie's appointments, but I need to try harder to fit it in (:

This past week my best friend from 7th grade came into town to spend some time with her family. It was SO great to catch up, take a long walk, and just see each other for a while. She is always so encouraging with Eve and all of the other things going on with us.

Eve got her new casts on Tuesday... I thought about blogging that night, but the only post title I could think of was "torture!" It wasn't our finest doctor's appointment... Starting with the sawing off of the old casts, then fitting Evie for braces which really hurt as they were continuing to stretch her feet backward, then putting the new casts back on with more stretching, holding and screaming. I don't think we've had a full hour of screaming like that in a while, but it's done, the new casts are doing their job, and are nicely painted (:

When we left the appointment I asked the doc how long Evie would have to wear her braces, and he said "6 weeks.... oh wait, probably a couple years." For all of you medical students out there, START with 5 years, then go to a couple. So my hopes of having Evie "device free" when she gets her oxygen off (someday) were crushed. But I am constantly reminding myself that Evie has already done better than anyone could have expected and a couple years could be 6 months, or it could be 5 years. Who knows. So the casts come off and braces go on April 4th.

Lastly, we are leaving for VACATION tomorrow!!!!!!! 10 days of fun in the sun, going to see my grandparents. The girls absolutely adore Grandma Dellie and Papa Bob, and I can't wait to spend some good quality time with them. So off to the store to pick up some vitamins and AirBourne to keep all the travel germs away! Traveling with Evie, casts, oxygen, and her meds will be very interesting, but we will get there eventually! (:

I will try to update while we are gone, and post some good pictures!

Love you friends, thanks for checking up on us (:

Job 5:9 "He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted."

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