Wednesday, March 30, 2011

she's got her new shoe on...

Hey Friends (:

Well apparently some of you weren't praying after my post on Sunday (kidding!) because Monday morning we picked Eve up out of her bed, laid her in our bed and with both hands she slid her cast RIGHT OFF of her leg! I gasped.. stared.. gasped.. oh great!

We took a look at her foot, which was right back in it's pre-surgery, pointed position. I tried to stretch it back like the doctor did the week before we left as he re-casted her foot, only to hear Eve scream and her foot to barely budge. So I called the doc, who said he could refer me to a doc in Florida (with no insurance) and instead John took Lyla on the boat while I searched for flights, booked flights, got new medical authorization forms for Evie's oxygen, got a new letter faxed to and from Evie's doc, took a few migraine pills, and ate all of the candy in my grandparents kitchen (:

So instead of flying home right now, as we should be, we flew home first thing yesterday morning and got to the Orthotics store at 12:30pm. The orthotic specialist really worked on bending her foot back to it's flexed position, and put her first brace on. Honestly, it was just as torturous as when he fitted her for the brace two weeks ago, probably worse since her tendon had a few days to tighten. We are supposed to take the brace off and re-tighten it several times a day in hopes that it will stretch back out and we won't need to re-cast or re-do surgery. She's in a lot of pain, and isn't sleeping much.

Above are a few pics of her "new shoe," note how much smaller it is than her cast! Also is a picture of her on the flight home enjoying some apple juice. She didn't seem to mind getting up at 4am to catch a flight! (:

Most importantly, I owe an enormously huge THANK YOU to my grandparents, who flew, housed, fed, and entertained us for 8 days giving us the most relaxing fun-filled break we've had since before I was pregnant with Evie. I don't think we even realized we needed a break until we got off the plane and took a deep breath of fresh salty air. We ate delicious meals outside, played in the sun, took much needed naps, and most importantly got to spend valuable time with Grandma Dellie and Papa Bob. I don't know many people who are as generous with the gifts God has given them than my grandparents are. We were blessed beyond words by their generosity, care, love for us, and for our kids. You guys are the BEST!!

Love you friends, Eve gets her other "new shoe" on Monday, hopefully it's a little easier to fit (:



  1. Lindsey-
    Praying Evie adjusts quickly to her beautiful new shoes! Too bad they're not as easily decorated as the casts though-she needs her ink back! :)
    SOOOO happy that you were able to enjoy a week's vacation full of fun & relaxation. I know that you, John, Lyla and Evie deserved it more than anyone I know.
    Can't wait to play with your girlies soon :)
    Patti (and the kiddos)

  2. Grandparents are the best sometimes to be around. They know what our needs are and they help us really have some time to just relax and be ourselves. I am so glad your family was able to go and have some time with them and the kids always enjoy the way Grandparents spoil them.

    The times I had with my Grandmother's will always live in my heart with me.
    Kuddos to all of you. Tami