Tuesday, March 8, 2011

praising... waiting... and accountability

Hi Friends!

Evie is adjusting remarkably well to having two casted legs! She is crawling, rolling, playing the drums on her casts, and making plaster rainbows on the walls: she rolls to the nearest wall and rubs her casts side to side... making beautiful white lines. She has endured enough that I just can't take away her joy of ruining our walls (: It should wash off. Unfortunately, she is now on her 3rd antibiotic, trying to get rid of this nasal congestion. They finally ordered a sinus x-ray yesterday to confirm that her sinuses were clogged, and they looked pretty nasty. We are hoping this 3rd try will do the job.

This has been a God filled week (JOY!) here are a few highlights...

Praising: We were driving to church the other morning listening to the radio when Chris Tomlin's song "I will follow" came on, and Lyla started singing softly "where you go i'll go....where you stay i'll stay.... when you move i'll move.... i will follow you." With eyes full of tears I was reminded that this little sassy 3 year old is soaking up Jesus here and there and I overflowed with joy.

Waiting: I am just in awe of how thankful I am that Evie's surgery was delayed and that she had the chance to learn to crawl. It is such a blessing that she is mobile, even with casts on. God knows what he's doing doesn't he? He stirs my heart with so many ideas and then says "pray. read my written word. and wait for the perfect time." I so badly needed this reminder. Next time I am mad about something being delayed I want you all to remind me of this very post! (:

Accountability: the Bible study I am doing this session is on the life of David, and this past week I was reading about accountability. When David wasn't sure about something, he asked for advice from others who could keep him accountable. I really wanted to get my heart in the right place before Bible study even started in January so I dropped my 3 most watched tv shows (that I am embarrassed to even post!). I was really convicted that I need to fill the remaining space in my brain with a good healthy dose of God's word. When I started praying about adoption and leading a Bible study, God brought 3 amazing women to mind, we'll just call them Carla, Mary, and Suzanne (: These women have dedicated their lives to honoring God with their time, resources, and healthy brain space. When I am tempted to watch the Bachelor (whoops I slipped!) I honestly think "What would ___ do?" I am so blessed to have women in my life who point me in the direction of God's everlasting love. They actually don't even know they are my people, but I soak up any time I get to spend with/email/chat with them.

Last but definitely NOT least, Brian came to Omaha last week and shot some great pics of Evie's casts (:

Love you friends! Thanks for loving us, and keeping Evie in your prayers.

we are stuck with sponge baths until these things come off...
soak up that clean baby smell

love my girls


  1. Those are the cutest little casted baby legs ever! She seems to not mind them much. I think of you often and always like to read your blog posts- you have such a strong spirit! Hope to catch up with you soon! :)

  2. What precious pictures! Survivor is my tv downfall. My kids have pretty well cured me of my others!

  3. Loved this post, Lindsey! First, that your precious baby girl is thriving so much and enjoying her freedom of mobility :o) Second, that you are "fasting" from your tv shows to grower closer to our Heavenly Father! I, too, am in a bible study and we just started a new series on Monday called A Call to Die. One of the covenants that we are encouraged to make with God is that we'll give up something that keeps us from Him. I chose Facebook and "free" reading :o) I'll be praying that you stay focused on Him and enjoy your moments of spiritual growth! So, far, it's been worth it for me!

  4. Hi Linds! I though of you today when I saw this on another blog and though you and Miss Lyla would love them. I don't know if you've heard of them or not. Seeds Family Worship at www.seedsfamilyworship.net

    I think their music is great - and love that they are using verses to create their songs. Click on the Media button and watch some of the videos they have on YouTube :)

    And as always - I love hearing about your family!!! You are amazing.

  5. I love how Lyla was singing along with Chris Tomlin's song. On Tuesday, my husband posted a video on facebook of our son, Nathan (4yrs), singing the same part of the same song! I thought it was so bizarre that you had mentioned that, when our son had just started singing along with that song too. :) I guess when K-Love is on pretty much all day everyday, they start to learn the songs. But what great songs for them to be learning! I love reading your blog. You write so beautifully and it is so refreshing and inspiring. Keep up the good work! You are making a difference in people's lives. Evie and all of you are in our prayers. :)