Friday, March 5, 2010

another good week. (:

Hi Friends (:

Evie had a great week... she has gained back all of the weight she lost from having RSV and is a whopping 9lb 14oz! I was so afraid she was going to get set back even farther after being hospitalized for so long, but after being back on her seizure med she is eating better than ever.

Home injections are going really well, it is really nice not to have to load up my people to go to the hospital three times a week. Hauling both girls and all of their garb was the worst part, it's nice to have some extra time (:

Evie had a "developmental scale" test done for her research protocol this week, and it was great to hear that some of the other kids on the trial are starting to stand and take steps! I am glad we got Evie started so young, and in time we can start to work on the same things. Obviously we will be behind on an "average" scale but I am so proud of all she has overcome already.

Love you friends!!!

Here are some more wonderful pictures that our friend Brian took this week (: Enjoy!

Lyla at UNMC

Evie chilling out before physical therapy

physical therapy... it's harder than it looks!
Lyla has to have her own therapy area (:just being cute...

getting ready for her check up...
we love Dr. Pat!

had to stop at White House Black Market to see a friend... and so Lyla could try on the latest heels and jewels (:

photos by Brian Lehmann


  1. They are both so adorable. Love Evie's squeezable everything. :)

  2. What is Lyla doing in the corner of Dr. Pat's office?

  3. We LOVE Dr. Pat too!! Isn't he fabulous??!?!!