Tuesday, March 2, 2010

change is...

good? hard? fun? exhausting? nerve-wracking? Even when it's all GOOD change! Like being HOME!

Hi Friends (:

The first few days of this week have been all of those things! I was going to blog yesterday, but it seemed like someone was crying all day! If it wasn't Lyla then it was Evie... and when I finally got a chance to sit down I chimed in a little (: It's good for the soul right!?

Regardless, we are doing really well. I finally got our clothes put away and most of the living room cleaned up, so I am feeling a little less overwhelmed (: And the kids were great today, which helps.

BIG CHANGE OF THE WEEK... Evie can now get her injection at home! No more going to the hospital 3 times a week... but I'll be honest, I am going to miss the nurses and staff that took care of Evie, it was fun to connect with them. We will have to stop up and see them (: We did our first injection last night... it was very uneventful, Praise God!

Today Evie had her first physical therapy and occupational therapy visit from the school district! It was really great, they were very proud of her and gave me some great ways to move her around to encourage her to strengthen her muscles. When we were in the hospital the "team" came and went over her plan with me... she is currently functioning about 4 months behind in her 'gross motor' skills (moving big body parts), and at the low range of normal with her fine motor (fingers, toes, etc.). I can't say I was surprised with where she's at... after all she doesn't have enough bone strength to even support those muscles yet, but I figured she would be in the 5, maybe 10% of functioning with her movement and she was in the 1%... Disappointing, but gives me more good reasons to work on her strength. And she's so darn happy she doesn't even mind her "therapy."

Did I mention today that I love my kids? I can't believe how much I love them sometimes.

Okay here are some of our latest pics:

pancakes for dinner our first night home

a little break before bath time... one kid bathed...
one to go (:

Ly needed a little trim
goodnight sweet Lyla (:

(photos by Brian Lehmann)

Love you friends!!! Thanks for keeping up with us (: We have a few doctor appointments this week, I will update with Evie's progress! I think she is gaining her weight right back so Praise God for that. His protection over us constantly amazes me. This isn't a new verse to my blog, but worth re-posting! Thank you for praying confidently for us friends, I will pray confidently for you also (:

Hebrews 4:16
Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.


  1. I love your pictures, they are always so sweet. :) Especially when Evie is wearing the same thing my Maddy is wearing! Ladybug sleeper :)

  2. Precious pictures Lindsey! Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated :)
    Sarah Goldsberry

  3. How can I meet that photog?

  4. Oh Lindsey! You have all been through quite a bit this past week! Sorry I have been MIA in blogland, but Evie is always in our prayers no matter what! I am sooooo happy to hear the fantastic news that her treatment is working and her bones are showing improvement! How exciting! You must have been crying tears of joy! Home treatment is awesome from what I hear! Some other children with OI like Sonya get to do home treatment, I wish so badly that it was an option for us. Just think no more uncomfortable recliner! Yay for PT and OT! Sonya is currently 14 months behind in her gross motor skills, but as you know these strong kids of ours will do things in their own time! Each of Sonya's milestones bring a tear to my eye, even the littlest ones! I'm not saying that I wasn't as excited with my older daughters accomplishments, it's just that I know how much harder Sonya has to work to reach those goals! All the photos are so beautiful! You are truly blessed! Sending prayers up for you and your family and sending big hugs your way!