Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here we go again!...

Hi Friends (:

Thanks for your prayers! Evie seems to be doing well. We have a really big week this week...
Monday Evie has an x-ray to see if her lungs have cleared up at all, if they haven't they mentioned putting her on a C-Pap machine (i think that's what it's called), kind of like her oxygen cannula that she has now that goes up her nose... except it has bigger tubes that seal off her nostrils and push air in to help expand her lungs. Yikes... hoping to avoid that!
Wednesday we meet with Dr. Sammut, Evie's pulmonologist to talk about her x-ray and see what direction we need to go...

Thursday we see Dr. Puccioni. I can't tell you how nervous I am about this appointment. Mostly because we have been waiting 3 and a half weeks to see him, and it's finally here.

BIG PRAYER REQUEST: Dr. Puccioni wants a 3D cat scan of Evie's skull. She may have to be intubated (on the ventilator) to do this... so her lungs would have to be in great shape. Will you pray that her lungs are crystal clear on x-ray tomorrow so we can get the cat scan done? We have already waited 3 weeks to see this doctor, it would be such a bummer if we didn't have the scan he needed when we went to the appointment. We have the MRI, and a normal CT scan, but it looks like the 3D scan is the one with the most info.

Thanks for praying for us, we had an awesome weekend... Lyla was a flower girl in a good friend's wedding, it was an absolute blast! John and I had so much fun getting out with the girls (: Wedding photos to come!

Photos from last week:

Is there a mom who can't relate to this photo!?

Discussing Evie's cold with Dr. Pat
onward with breathing treatments... yes, Evie puffs smoke out the dragons nostils (:finishing out the day with Ly
ahhhhhhhh naptime..... i love you...
photos by Brian Lehmann

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  1. Oh Lindsey, I can very much relate to that picture! I also have green honda element! Terrific car. I also get frustrated about tight parking when I can hardly get Amelia out of the car and dreaming about mini van.... yeah. I love your post and great pictures!!! Thanks.