Monday, April 26, 2010

one more thing...

Evie's new friend Amy (the 2 year old from Ireland who is on the same drug treatment as Evie for hypophosphatasia) is having her craniosynostosis surgery at 8:30 Oxford time... which is in less than two hours. Please lift her and her parents up in prayer as she has her surgery which will take around 4 hours, followed by the ICU, followed by recovery time on the normal Peds floor. They are going to reshape Amy's forehead as well as opening her skull sutures, so it will be a big surgery. Love you friends.

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  1. Lifting up some prayers for these beautiful girls! I know of a few parents whose children are on CPAP machines, if you would like me to get you in contact with some of them let me know via facebook. It seems scary at first I'm sure, but these parents and children are pro's now! I have to say, the dragon mask is too cool! Where did you get that attachment? I know of a OI mom whose son has a hard time with his nebulizer treatments because he is not fond of the mask, this might help him actually enjoy treatment! Lovely photo's as always! Thinking of you all and keeping you in our prayers!