Tuesday, April 20, 2010

keep 'em coming!

Hi Friends,

Thanks for praying for Evie, keep those prayers coming! The good news is, we haven't been hospitalized again yet. PRAISE the LORD! The not so great news... the chest x-ray of her lungs from yesterday looks WORSE than when she left the hospital after having RSV. Not good at all. So we are keeping her on breathing treatments and antibiotic, and are going to add a cough-assist device to try to shake out some of that gunk. Her pulmonologist said if we don't get it out she is going to get a nasty pneumonia. Unfortunately she has little patches of collapsed lung in all 4 lobes, which is a bummer.

She actually looks a whole lot better than she did last weekend, on Sunday she could barely smile at us, and today she seems happy as a clam as long as we keep on top of her breathing treatments and keep her nose all clear.

So keep praying for clear lungs, I thought there would be an 85% chance we would be in the hospital yesterday, so hopefully we can kick this one at home with a cough assist and God's help.

Love and blessings!,


  1. We love you Evie-get better! We want to play again soon!
    Ben, Nate, and Josie

  2. praying for you little Evie!

  3. Thinking of Evie! Hope she's better soon!!

  4. Keeping you in our prayers always sweet Evie!!!

  5. Our home is praying for you all as well.