Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi Friends (:

Like I said we got a new camera for Christmas and have our pictures uploaded... but our computer is now on overload and it our internet is refusing to load the pics to our blog!

And the rest of us are on overload too... Evie had the pukes last night... I would have thought it was the flu but none of the rest of us have gotten it and judging by her slobbery kisses I should have it by now (: Needless to say we were up most of the night changing her bedding, and are ready for a good night's sleep.

I will try to solve our computer problem and get some new pics up tomorrow.
Thanks for checking in, you guys are the best.

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  1. If you load your pics to Flickr you can save a smaller version of the original and upload that instead. I have a Flickr account and love it very much! I love it so much I pay for the service & it's dirt cheap. I can even order all of the photos I want to have and snap-fish will mail them to me. Shoot me a quick note if you are on yahoo and I'll show you how you can take a look at mine. I have photos that date back to 2005.