Monday, January 31, 2011

say No to the Stress...

Hi Friends (:

For those of you who don't watch TLC, my post title is a spoof of 'say Yes to the Dress' (: I try to tell John that when you have to explain a joke that means it's not funny.... maybe I should take my own advice!

Well it's blizzarding here in Nebraska, so that makes this post either more or less stressful depending on how you look at it. Either I add stress by attempting to make it to our appointments this week, or decrease stress by not going! (: Let me explain. I was looking through my calendar last week and realized that we had a week full of blood draws the week before Evie's surgery (Feb 14th). Thinking that Evie will need most of her blood to recover from surgery I moved her blood draws to this week. We also need an EEG to make sure nothing unusual is going on in that cute little brain of hers, so we stacked that on top of her blood draws, urine specimens and x-rays. The worst part is obviously the poking involved in taking that much blood, we will have to go early since she can't eat before her draws, and she panics during x-rays. Not real fun for anyone.

The biggest stressor of the moment is that we scheduled Evie's surgery for Feb 14th because she has been healthy for the past several months... but unfortunately she now has a pretty bad sinus infection that I think she picked up in the Emergency Room a few weeks ago. SO, somehow we need to keep her healthy although we will be at the hospital Wed, Thurs, Fri of this week, and Fri of next week (not to mention our 3 year old germ incubator who seems to pick up every illness goign through preschool or gymnastics). I wish I could say we will be in a contained area of healthy people... but we will be in the outpatient diagnostic center and the pediatric pulmonology office... mostly sick people.

So instead of stressing, I'm going to PRAY MY HEART OUT for the next two weeks and praise God for the great things he has already done. I'm also going to pray that you all and your babies stay healthy, I forgot how miserable it is to have a sick babe. I tried to beg John to sleep on the side of the bed next to Evie tonight, but considering he has to work at 7am and our whole day is cancelled due to the snow, I lost that one (:

Love you friends. I am going to attempt to find a solution to my picture uploading problem tomorrow!


  1. I will praying for you guys that all goes well :)

  2. God will take care of things for Evie and what shall happen, will happen, so let the rest go... thinking and praying for your family and YOU too. HUGS... Tami

  3. Sending prayers your way!
    Emily Pottebaum