Thursday, January 6, 2011


pounds, 2 ounces! YES! 17 - 2! Evie took another big leap up on the growth chart yesterday at Dr. Pats office. She is still following her own growth curve a good deal below the 0% line, but Dr. Pat and I are okay with that, as long as she is growing (:

He said she looks the best he has ever seen her. (YAY!) He said "remember last winter when she was like" *insert funny impression of a baby breathing with pig like sounds and a scrunched up face*, "I can't even hear her breathe!" ALL Good things.

Next we hit the Eye doctors office, who reported no signs of pressure, and no need for glasses. See ya in another 6 months!

Lastly, BIG PRAYER REQUEST: I have spent the last couple of days in a frenzy, trying to get Evie's medical records together because she has been on a Medicaid Aged and Disabled waiver for the past year, and she may not qualify this year. Basically, since she is "disabled," she qualifies for respite care, and very importantly she receives Medicaid insurance to be used secondary to our primary insurance. What does that mean? Basically, Medicaid typically pays off a substantial portion of whatever our insurance doesn't pay of Evie's bills. I currently have a nearly full file box of Evie's bills from last year, and can't imagine what it would have cost us out of pocket to pay those bills without Medicaid. SO I have sent all of our most recent medical records, with a detailed account of Evie's current medications, treatments, and the 8 specialists that she sees every 3-6 months with hopes that they will still consider Evie for the waiver. If you will pray with me that we can get this PASSED by the end of January, we really need it.

I'm not really sure how Evie's trend oximetry went last night. For the first hour she was struggling to stay above 90%, so I went downstairs and tried not to get upset... went back upstairs and she was 85%. I thought we were going to have to hook her back up to O2, but before I did that I hit my knees and prayed that God would strengthen Evie's lungs and help her pull through this test improved, and stay improved. After that she stayed above 90% the rest of the night (: HOW MANY TIMES do I have to learn the lesson of asking God FIRST before worrying? Before texting my family about how bummed out I am? He provides! Immediately sometimes! Anyway, I will post the results as soon as we hear anything (:

Lastly... I actually got to go to a doctor this morning for my dizziness! It felt incredibly odd handing over MY insurance information... I almost said 9/19/09 when they asked for my birthday. An ENT nurse flung my head in one direction, then back in the other direction to correct my inner ear issue that I have had for about a month. I have to wear a neck brace for the next 24 hours (not a good look for me...) and I should be healed by tomorrow. It would be great to wake up tomorrow and not feel seasick! (:

Thanks for praying for us friends! I wish I could videotape these appointments that we have been having, so you could feel the doctor's excitement over our little Eve (: Amazing healing, amazing kid, amazing God!
Amen brothers and sisters!


  1. I'm so happy to hear about all the positives happening at Evie's doctor appts. I will add the insurance issues to my prayers! I just love to come home from work and pull up your blog, read about Evie's life, hear your thoughts on God, and enjoy the beautiful music! Hope you're feeling better tomorrow :)

  2. Yea Evie! (Glad to hear you may be on the mend too.)

  3. Evie's progress is so amazing!! I love hearing about how great she is doing. 17 pounds sounds pretty good to me, my first was just under 18 pounds at one year so to me that doesn't sound bad at all. :)
    She's a lucky girl to have such a prayer filled mommy