Monday, February 14, 2011

the short or the long version...

Surgery update...

The short version: surgery was cancelled, and is probably rescheduled for Feb 28th, two weeks from today.

The long version: We arrived for surgery this morning and Evie was hungry. We gave her a few bites of donut and a couple ounces of formula since the orders said she could eat and we didn't want to send her into surgery starving. The anesthesiologists asked when her last meal was and we told them one hour ago. Apparently we should have been notified that she couldn't eat 6 hours before the surgery, even though the orders were for local anesthetic. I guess they do it different at the med center than they do at Childrens, and these anesthesiologists wanted to be ready to intubate since Evie has a shaky history, which is very understandable. So we left, I cried most of the afternoon, and surgery is rescheduled.

I am disappointed. We have been waiting to do this surgery and scheduled it over a month ago. We have held Lyla and Evie out of activities trying to keep them healthy, John had his schedule moved around, we had Lyla taken care of for the day, and I have spent the last week+ praying and preparing myself emotionally. I know it's not a huge deal in the scheme of things, but it would have worked out so Evie would have her casts taken off the week before we went on vacation to see my grandparents, now they will be taken off when we get back. One of those little things that would have been nice.

Thanks for praying. I know there is a purpose in everything and I'm praying for the right emotions in this situation... I'm sure crying, frustration and being mad at myself for feeding Evie aren't the "right" ones.

Love you (:


  1. I'm so sorry for your emotional day! God will be able to hold on to all the prayers for Evie today and we will just add to them for surgery in a couple of weeks. Michelle K.

  2. So sorry for your disappointing day. Maybe this is God's way of saying today wasn't a good day for surgery? Will keep Evie in my prayers.