Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hi Friends (:

As I'm sure you know, Evie's surgery is scheduled to happen (hopefully for REAL this time!) tomorrow! I was pretty dissapointed with myself at how incredibly upset I got over the cancellation two weeks ago, so I did a little self reflection. Two weeks ago I had everything ready. My house was clean, kids were clean, outfits picked out, prayer spoken, attempt at a good nights sleep, enough time in the morning to pick up donuts for Lyla, etc. So obviously I DESERVED for the day to go the way I expected RIGHT!? Wrong! God has plans much bigger than ours, and our plans really don't matter compared to His!

SO how have we prepared for surgery tomorrow... Well our house is looking about normal, we're watching the Oscars, and I even took a day trip to Kansas City yesterday to spend the day with some high school girlfriends that I don't get to support often enough. Instead of going into the emotional "mommy-vault" where I try to control anything and everything so that I "feel" like I'm preparing for Evie's surgery, we enjoyed our past week, have continued praying, and we're going to trust God to take care of Eve.

Not only do I believe this is how God wants us to live, but we had an absolutely enjoyable past two weeks where Evie crawled, got 3 new teeth (including 2 molars!) and has had some time to heal up from the cold she developed. God is good, and I'm so thankful that he loves me even when I become an overly-controlling mom in a world where he already has things taken care of.

Love you friends! Surgery is in the early afternoon, and providing Evie does okay with anesthesia we hopefully will not have to stay overnight. Prayers for safety, pain control, and a successful surgery will be much appreciated (:

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