Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what a week (:

Hey Friends (:

Well Evie got a bad case of congestion/coughing/gagging Monday night, so perhaps it was better that her surgery didn't go through. We went to the doc yesterday and she's on a new antibiotic to try to get her cleared up before surgery on the 28th. She's not sleeping well as she constantly chokes on her mucus, poor thing.

We are also going in tomorrow to have a rapid MRI done, followed by an appointment with her neurosurgeon. There has been concern about her brain pressure from her neurologist and myself. Lately she puts my hand on her head and wants me to rub it, and her soft spot is always a little concerning, so we're going to hopefully get it scanned. PRAY that she stays still for the scan, it can be tricky to keep her still.

Sorry for the short update, when Evie doesn't sleep nobody sleeps around here!

Love you friends, I'll let you know how the scan looks (:

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