Wednesday, January 27, 2010

As Promised!...

Christmas Card 2009
a few of my favorite people at Christmas
Christmas Chairs! Thanks Grandma Dellie!

the beginning of a really big mess!

Lyla loving on her baby sis...
Evie's smiley!

Our good friends
Brian, Brandi, Finlee... Tim, Kelli, Karli... John, Lindsey, Evie

at the girl's dedication December 6, 2009

John & Evie watching TV (:


  1. Love the Pics! She is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!
    Auntie Carrie

    P.S. Happy Birthday John! Love the TV pic. So was it football?

  2. Oh My Goodness! These photographs are so Great!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! Love the girls matching chairs! Too cute!

  4. Oh my goodness, I missed your last post and just finished reading it! I love the term "differently abled" in place of special needs or disabled. On my blog, down at the bottom right column there are 2 links to blogs on disability. I haven't got to read much of them yet, but they are written by differently abled persons. I have a few other links as well, I will dig them up for you and send them your way. The one thing that I have really grasped with the help of my support group is that "The way we advocate, deal with and explain our childrens conditions is ultimately how our children are going to advocate for themselves, deal with their condition and explain it to others. They learn by watching us." What a big responsibility for us to make sue we get it right! I'll be sure to send you the links, there are some really good publications written by differently abled persons on their disability and surrounding issues! Yay for Early Intervention services too! Sonya receives PT through EI at our home and she loves it! It's so great that they can come out to your home and work with your child, much more comfortable than a scary new doctors office! Sonya actually asks when Anne (her EI PT) is coming, and tells me she wants to play with her! After the birth-3years program we plan on going into the next step program which will follow her until she is 6 (I think).

  5. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. The girls are absolutely adorable :)
    Sarah Goldsberry

  6. Loved looking at these pics! What sweet girls you have...truly blessed.

    Mandi Hofer

  7. Oh my word, Evie is so adorable! She's changing:) I'm so bummed I missed her dedication, though!! Thanks for posting these. Have a great weekend:)

  8. Thank you for sharing pictures! I love looking at Evie's smile! Josie has that same onesie! :) We love you all!

  9. Lin....I LOVE Evie's smily pics! What an absolutely beautiful picture of perfection:)! Love you!