Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi Friends,

Well this morning didn't go as smoothly as planned... Evie had an upper GI scheduled for 8am, and after we got started her pulse and respirations dropped suddenly and they called a code four... otherwise known as a code blue... otherwise known as everybody get your butts down here and help. She was blue and unresponsive, it was pretty darn scary.

We were in the ICU all day today for observation but thankfully got to move back to the normal floor a few hours ago.

If you will please pray for Evie's strength, and my strength as she undergos more tests tomorrow I would deeply appreciate it. This morning should have been a routine test and tomorrow will be the same, she is just so fragile at this point.

Thanks for caring about us. Love you.


  1. My heart is breaking for you all! You are all going through soooo much!!! I am forever praying for Evie! Just wanted to say that we have been through all the pulmonary tests with Sonya, maybe ask about an infant lung function test? Sonya had one done to measure the capacity of her lungs and the amount of oxygen she was inhaling and exhaling. It may be helpful... just a thought! Many prayers and hugs to you all!!!

  2. Today is almost over and in about 30 minutes a new day will begin! Here's to a brand new day! [[Hugs]]

  3. We are praying! Hang in there. God there in every moment, always by your side.