Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Evie's story got bumped to Friday, and will still be on KETV at 6:45ish (: School is cancelled again tomorrow, for those of you who are out of town, it is crazy snowy here!!!

Did I say this was going to be an easy week??? I think I'll stop saying those things until the END of the week! (: On Monday we went into the pediatrician because Evie has had a cold, and I noticed in the morning that her soft spot is bulging a little. Our pediatrician noticed it too, and when we got to the Med Center for her treatment we had a brain ultrasound before she got her shot... therefore we were at the doctors office/hospital from 1pm until 7pm! Fortunately there wasn't anything remarkably concerning on her ultrasound, so we are going to have an MRI, probably another EEG, and maybe see a neurosurgeon in the near future.
Dr. Lutz is putting together a letter to send out to some specialists so they are all up to date on Evie's condition, and to see if they will examine her. Hopefully soon she will see a pulmonologist (since she is still requiring oxygen), a pediatric opthomologist (to look in her eyes and make sure there isn't more pressure than there should be) and a physical therapist, so I know what types of exercises I can do with her to help her fine/gross motor skills.

GOOD NEWS: she has gained weight!!! At the pediatrician she weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds 2 ounces! I am so relieved to have passed the 9 pound mark. In my eyes that means she is out of the 'leveling off' stage that she was in, and is growing. She was also longer. (: I'm so proud of her!

MORE GOOD NEWS: we are getting her central line (port, catheter, whatever you want to call it) taken out tomorrow!!! woo hoo!!! She is through the 4 weeks of lots of blood draws, so we are going to get it removed, I can't wait (:

Thank you for praying for us, Evie is sleeping on my belly right now, and I couldn't feel more blessed. Even with all of the appointments, scares, and delayed milestones, I wouldn't trade my Evie Jayne for a different healthy kid anyday. My prayer is that she will be as healthy as she can be, and stay her sweet little self.

Lyla is still cracking me up every step of the way... this morning she dropped a toy on the floor, looked at me, shook her head and said "oh crap." Do I want my 2 year old saying "crap" frequently? No... but at the time it was exactly the laugh I needed. She is the joy in my every day.

Love you friends! Hope you can tune in on Friday, if not it should be on the website (:



  1. Yay for weight gain, no more port/catheter/thingy, for Evie and Lyla! We love you dear friends!!!
    Now we need pictures ;)

  2. I saw Ms. Evie & your whole family on the news this morning. You looked wonderful Lindsey & so does Evie!

    Thinking of your family.

    Jaime (Jackson) Wyant