Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Quick Update:

We are taking Evie to see a pediatric eye doctor tomorrow... to see if she has any intercranial pressure going on (pressure in her head, brain swelling, etc.) and if that is why her soft spot is bulging. Will you pray that the doctor has a keen eye and can see anything that may be going on? We haven't had any reasoning for this bulging, and it's a little worrysome for us.

Thanks friends, i'll let you know how it goes.



  1. Just caught up again here! Praying for you always!!! I hope everything goes well at the doctors!!! Yay for the port coming out and the weight gain! Go Evie!!! Lyla had me cracking up with her "Oh crap" Too funny! Best of luck, prayers for you and many hugs!!!

  2. Will be praying for you all! Who are you taking her to see? Did your story ever air on KETV? Tried finding it with no luck!!! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. My little boy (9 mo.) has a mild form of hypophosphatasia. Are your doctors in touch with Dr. Whyte at Shriner's Hospital in St. Louis? He is the world expert on this rare disease. Many thoughts and prayers to your little girl and your family.

  4. Hello Anonymous (:
    Thanks for the post - Dr. Lutz our geneticist is in contact frequently with Dr. Whyte, and had him confirm Evie's diagnosis. I have read a lot of his literature... and he is definitely the expert!

    Thank you for your prayers for Evie, I will pray your son also (: