Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Surgery Tomorrow...

Hi Friends,

Quick update before bed... Evie is going to have a "broviac catheter" placed tomorrow, Wednesday, at 2pm. It will provide the doctors a place to take blood samples from her during her treatment without poking and prodding in her arm. It is similar to a "port" but doesn't require surgery to take out... one round of general anesthesia is enough for me.

We go in at noon, surgery is at 2, and they will monitor her for at least a few hours afterward. She is scheduled overnight for observation, but they don't think we will have to stay.

Honestly, I am scared. We have had a lot of little procedures, but the sound of "surgery" makes me so nervous. It just sounds like a lot for a little 8 pound body.

Also, we had Evie's 2 month check up today, and she is in the 1% for weight, and 0% for height. They are going to put some more calories in her formula soon, so hopefully that will help her catch up.

Prayer requests: That God will provide the doctors with the ability to perfectly place Evie's catheter, the surgery will go smoothly, and most importantly that her body will react okay to the anesthesia, catheter, and surgery.

After her surgery tomorrow, she has her immunizations and a 24 hour urine sample Thursday, and 3 hours of tests and x-rays on Friday... gearing us up for starting treatment next week. I'll be honest, I've gotten awfully used to having her home, safe in my arms, so pray for me that I can hold it together the next few weeks.

Love you friends (:


  1. Sending you lots of thoughts and prayers!

  2. Those ports are a godsend. I would never, never have lived without a port during my all my chemo and treatments I had to have! I am so glad you decided to do this for Evie. Hugs and prayers for all of you.Tami