Monday, December 14, 2009

WEEK 2...

Hi Friends (:

We are gearing up for week 2 of Evie's treatment. It will be another busy week, we have things scheduled Mon, Tues, Wed, and Friday this week. Evie has had some trouble with gagging and vomiting, but other than that she is doing really well.

If you could pray for Evie that she would continue to grow and that this treatment would work that is what we are praying for! Also for safe travels to and from the Med Center, I don't think this snow is going to melt anytime soon... and that I can stay positive and upbeat about Evie's treatment with all of the hours we are logging at the hospital, it's difficult to keep focused when I also have to keep Lyla under control.

Love you friends!!! Thanks for checking in and praying!

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