Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update and Saturday...

Hi Friends,

Evie had her second injection yesterday, and so far so good! She has been coughing a bit and threw up a few times today, which we aren't sure whether to attribute to a cold, flu, or side effects of the medicine. She has been really sleepy, so we think she might be coming down with something. Prayers for healing and staying healthy please! The LIED transplant center where she will be getting her injections is just beautiful, and the nurses were wonderful. I am looking forward to receiving her injections there, it seems like a perfect fit for her (:

Also, this Saturday the Millard West DECA is putting on a Spaghetti Feed at Millard West from 5-7:30pm. They are raising money for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep for their DECA project. It should be a great time, we are planning on getting there around 6 (: There is a basketball game afterwards if you would like to stay - we have to head out to John's work party.

Love you Friends, THANKS for checking in on us! I can't believe how far Evie has come in these past few months, Praise God for his limitless blessings (:


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  1. Oh, poor Evie! I sure do hope that she starts to feel better soon! Praying for you all that she stays healthy and strong! Many hugs!!!