Tuesday, December 22, 2009

thank you Lord!

we are home again. the girls are sound asleep, and i'm going to join them after i do a quick read through about the oxygen set-up we have going on in our living room (:

evie is doing okay, she seems like her happy little self, but she's pretty frustrated having oxygen tubes taped to her face. lyla demanded constant attention after the home health man left until she went to bed, so i think she's doing pretty well.

i am praying this is just a fluke deal, and evie's oxygen will return to normal soon. hopefully it's not the decline of her hypophosphatasia and the weakening of her bones, but just a little lung irritation or something.

if you happen to run into me sometime soon, i will be the lady in the sweatpants who looks really tired, carrying two kids, a diaper bag, and an oxygen tank... ha ha, i love it. it makes me smile just thinking about how ridiculous i probably look, and how wonderful it is to have not one, but two beautiful daughters to lug around (:

thank you thank you thank you for praying, i am so glad to be home. i hope you experience God's blessings to the fullest this wonderful Christmas week, and take the time to marvel at Him sending his Son to earth, so that we can know Him. wouldn't it be so frustrating to be "God" stuck in a baby body? i've been chewing on that one for a few days. he must have progressed mentally like a normal baby... any thoughts? i obviously need to do a little more research. yeah that was a little out of left field! did i mention i'm tired?? (:

i love you my dear friends, and i feel humbled to know you are lifting my sweet child up in prayer. all glory to Him.


  1. I say we need a picture of you and your 2 cute girlies!!!
    We love you friend!

  2. Hey, girl. I'm finally all caught up on what's happening. You're really wonderful, you know that? I admire you a great deal and count it a privilege to call you friend. I am also humbled to know that you continue to pray for Judah. I'm sure there are days when all you can do is focus on one minute at a time with Evie & Lyla, but if you're like me, the Lord brings others to mind to pray for at the most random times. Isn't it encouragin to be able to pray for others? Anyway, I'm so thankful you're home and am praying for a very special holiday week as a family. A memorable one. We're in WI missing all the blizzard fun. Hopefully Omaha will be dug out by next Saturday so we can get home! *Hug*

  3. Glad Evie is continuing to do well! I pray for your family often!! Hope you were blessed beyond measure this Christmas.