Friday, February 19, 2010

blessings, blessings, and more blessings...

Happy 5 Month Birthday Evie Jayne!!!

What a blessing to celebrate 5 months of Evie's life that we weren't supposed to have. John bought cupcakes today at the grocery store, and Lyla distributed them to nurses and friends we have made on our floor. When the nurses asked Lyla what they were for she would say "For Evie Jayne Jayne!" It brought so much joy to my heart to watch one of my kids celebrating the other.

More blessings, we are probably going home tomorrow! Yes... TOMORROW! Evie had a good day and is on normal oxygen (instead of high flow - for you health professionals), the kind we have at home. We get two new pieces of equipment to take with us... a feeding pump, and a home suction machine. Add that to the oxygen concentrator, cough assist device, pulse oximeter, and apnea monitor and we could run a full service health clinic! We tried to feed Evie by mouth today but she just didn't seem quite confident and I didn't want to push it, which is why we are taking the pump home.

The biggest blessing is that I got yet another perspective adjustment while spending nearly two weeks here with Evie. The fact is, two weeks in the hospital is NOTHING compared to what some families are going through here. Not to mention the fact that we are hospitalized in our home town, where almost all of my extended family lives. I met a wonderful family across the hall, who has flown halfway across the world to get their daughter a life saving transplant. I need to ask her mother for permission to pass along their blog. It is worth reading, and if you have a praying heart I would encourage you to pray this little girl, and all of the transplant kids. For now you can call her "the girl across the hall from Evie," God knows who you are talking about (: They could be here for months. I hope we can spend time with them outside of the hospital and give them a place to kick up their feet.

In conclusion, Thank you Lord! that Evie is getting well, and for surrounding us with kind, caring, and knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and new friends. We have had an amazing nursing staff which makes a world of difference.

Love you friends! Thanks for journeying with us, and praying for Evie. We are exhaustedly excited to go home and get some rest (:


  1. Good news about being able to take Evie home...even with all of the paraphenalia.(sp?)
    You're such an example of God's love, Lindsey! With all that you are dealing are still thinking of others and showing compassion and caring to those who come along your path. God is glorified by you!
    Happy 5 month birthday, Evie.
    Claudia Gille

  2. Happy 5 Month Birthday Evie! :]